Cause & Effect (2022)

a girl/Mistress story: book zero

A friendship torn apart. An obsession. Is recovery possible?

Just released from rehab, Luisa has to start her life over without her best friend. But her obsession with Natalia makes it impossible for a clean slate. She doesn’t know if she can do it on her own.

As a self-absorbed pop star, Natalia learns secrets from the horrible night that tore her friendship with Luisa apart. In possession of Luisa’s journal, she discovers more than she bargained for, and she’s drawn to rekindle their friendship—possibly more.

Spending a month in forced rehab was the last place she expected to find someone she liked, but CJ can’t get her mind off Luisa, her roommate. As they part ways, CJ hopes they grow their friendship into a blossoming relationship outside the hospital.

This coming-of-age story is about two young women, best friends struggling to stay friends in the plight of love, addiction, sexual discovery, and a love triangle that may best them.


Addiction, high-school age sex and sexuality, coming of age, date rape, drug usage, and underaged drinking.