Love In The Shadows (2024)

Step into an immersive realm where you dictate the boundaries solely by the expanse of your own imagination. A domain where your fantasies unfurl, transcending the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary. Dare you enter the Adytum?

Presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, Ariel Delgado has the power to save her financial woes and seize her dream career as a professional journalist. Focused on success, Ari chooses to apply for a job as a ‘performer’ to gain access to an infamous lesbian sex club to uncover a dangerous world hiding within.

Dylan Tessay, a trusted employee overseeing auditions for new club hires, stumbles upon Ari’s photo and resume, which ignites an unquenchable desire within her. Despite Ari’s obvious lack of experience in the BDSM realm, Dylan decides to take a chance, determined to mold her into the perfect submissive for the club’s members, and for herself.

When Ari’s true identity threatens to expose the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of Adytum, she finds herself a victim to what she worked to uncover.

In the shadowy depths of Adytum, will Dylan find her love in time, or will she lose Ari to the despicable underworld they’ve become entangled in?

“Love In The Shadows” is the first book in a new thriller series by GA Rea and Cyan LeBlanc. It’s a Sapphic dark romance of finding love where it shouldn’t exist and stretching the bounds of loyalty and trust.


Contains spicy lesbian sex which includes BDSM content. Since this a dark erotic thriller, it also may include content that defies the normal boundaries of consent, which might be considered dubious consent during a kidnapping and prisoner assault situations. As much as we kept the graphic details to a minimum, a lot of the action is on the screen while not transporting the reader into gruesome details of our main character’s torment.