Mastering The Art of Female Cookery (2024)

Seven-year-old Cora Sweeney’s world is turned upside down when her family becomes the gruesome entrée for a group of hungry cannibal women. But fear not, for this is not your average extreme horror story. This is a tongue-in-cheek memoir and fictitious cookbook all rolled into one.

From her transition from girl to cannibal to the obsessive and torrid love affair with none other than the woman who ate her family, Cora dishes out the details of her bizarre romance while serving up a buffet of twisted recipes. She’ll guide readers through the unique art of living as a human-loving foodie and becoming an aficionado of the most elusive ingredient—women.

Get ready to devour a tale that is both spicy and sweet, in a book that takes the art of female cookery to a whole new level.


Coming soon to Undertaker Books in 2024