Dark Waters Ahead (2022)

There’s a predator on the loose on a family vacation… 

When Scott, most popular boy in school, falls in love with the school outcast, he is ready to give up cheerleaders for a chance at something real.

Ali, a goth girl who everyone thinks is a freak, sees right through Scott’s cliche moves and would rather just use him than fall for him, except it doesn’t work. Ali falls for Scott’s charm.

News of their parents marriage drives a wedge through there blossoming relationship and Scott can not longer be with the girl her loves, so he takes out his anger and urges where every he can… but when the family goes on a vacation on the high seas, will Scott rake up his body count and become a predator or will he rekindle his relationship with Ali while they are sharing a cabin?


Non-graphic rape, rapist, teenage sex, language, and step-sibling sex.