Mirage (2023)

In the wake of her girlfriend’s tragic murder, Ren Daniels struggles with the loss, and her art gallery business is in disarray without her partner. Determined to push forward, she reluctantly opens herself to hire someone, a step she can no longer avoid.

Avery Gray, a photography graduate student, is seeking an internship at Ren’s art gallery. Despite their age gap and the professional boundaries that bind them, their attraction blooms like a breathtaking mosaic in the making.

A serendipitous, alcohol-fueled encounter places Ren in the role of Avery’s protector against a domineering model, while navigating the tide of emotions, wary of diving into the realms of professional conduct.

Is this connection merely a mirage, or a chance to paint a masterpiece over a broken heart?

Dive into GA Rea and Cyan LeBlanc’s “Mirage,” a sapphic romance with a gradient of suspense that dances alongside a tapestry of an uncertain future.