My Final Muse (2022)

Love turns to obsession in this tragic love story of a writer and his final muse.

Matthew Morrow is a prolific horror writer who moves into a small Los Angeles apartment complex and meets the cute redheaded actress next door, Regina. As their friendship develops, the two of them find themselves attracted to each other with a slow-burn to love. As their passion burns, a spark ignites in Matt’s imagination for a new novel centering on his love with Regina, his new muse.

While writing his opus to his new love, Matt unleashes his own demons that drag him into his own story, turning his love for Regina into an uncontrollable obsession.

Originally released as A MUSE IS BORN, under the pen name J. R. Morgan. This second edition contains a new edit, plus a newly released prologue and epilogue.


Self harm, sexual assault, psychological issues, and mental health issues.