Nothing Else Matters (2023)

a girl/Mistress story: book three

In the third installment of the girl/Mistress series, the intense relationship between Megan and Trixi reaches new heights, pushing boundaries and testing their love. Despite Megan’s reservations, Trixi becomes determined to introduce a third participant into their play, only to have it backfire on her and them.

Megan finds herself torn between her emotional attachment to Trixi and her growing addiction to their unconventional lifestyle. As her desires consume her, Megan ventures down a dangerous and addictive path within the world of BDSM, one that threatens to spiral out of control.

Trixi, deeply concerned for Megan’s well-being, must now confront the daunting challenge of balancing their shared passions with protecting Megan from her own unhealthy obsessions.

Will Trixi be able to rein Megan in, guiding her back to a healthier path? Or will Megan’s addictive nature push them apart, jeopardizing the very foundation of their love?

In this tale of love, pain, and self-discovery, the characters must confront their deepest fears and darkest desires. Will their bond withstand the trials they face, or will their journey through pleasure and pain ultimately lead them astray?


BDSM, self harm, bullying, manipulation, polyamory, implied rape, and implied incest.