The Peacock Song (2024)

a girl/Mistress story: book four

In the fourth installment of the girl/Mistress series, Nikki Sealy is double dared in attending a “TeenDom” party in this Hills. In order to not be considered a yellow-bellied chicken by her best friend’s new girlfriend, Nikki agrees to go with her friends and finds more than she bargained.

After her well-needed sabbatical, Megan Stuart in back in Los Angeles and trying to stay safe and sane while remaining knee deep in a world that had broken her once before by running “TeenDom” parties in the Hills. When April returns with a friend in tow, Megan finds herself spinning head over heels and out of control for April’s best friend.

This mutual attraction has both Nikki and Megan playing with fire. Nikki wants the perfect girlfriend in Megan. All the while, Megan struggles between abstinence and teaching Nikki how to be a loving Mistress… Either way, this girl/Mistress might send her tumbling back into the depths of her addition.

Prepare yourself for a world of submission and dominance, power and control, and lust and love. If you loved the first three books, this new dynamic will have you craving more.


College-aged angst, BDSM, domestic abuse.
*Epilogue contains violence against women with sexual assault, physical abuse, and death. The epilogue can be skipped without any loss of storyline.


Summer 2024