You Are The Master (2023)

a girl/Mistress story: book two

In the highly anticipated second installment of the captivating Girl/Mistress series, Trixi, the intoxicating Mistress, relentlessly pursues her next submissive plaything. Setting her sights on the daughter of a renowned ViP Music songwriter, Trixi discovers untapped potential within Megan.

Fate intertwines their paths at a glamorous holiday party, where Trixi becomes immediately intrigued by Megan’s naivety and unwavering hospitality, make her the perfect target for Trixi’s wicked intentions. As Trixi takes the reins of Megan’s journey, she unveils the shadowy realm between darkness and enlightenment.

As their unconventional relationship evolves, both women must confront their own demons, wrestling with the complex emotions that arise from their shared desires and the unpredictable twists of their entwined destinies.

Enter a seductive web of manipulation, power, and the delicate dance between dominance and submission in the second book of the Girl/Mistress series.


BDSM, manipulation, graphic sex, bullying, implied underage sex, unsafe BDSM relationships, and polyamory.