Blog · February 5, 2024 0

A new “work in progress” is now underway

“Deep Roots Down South”

This past week, I have posted the prologue for a new WIP. This story “Deep Roots Down South” is a Sapphic historical erotic horror fiction (that is a lot of genres) that will not hide behind the political correctness that we are supposed to have in this day and age.

The story takes place in 1960 in rural SE Texas. This is a time in history where the KKK and racism were as common as Starbucks on every street corner. The two main characters are both butches, one of which lives as a man in this era but is very much a woman. This is not a romance… not even a love story, though there are some hot and sexy scenes, as well as graphic violence toward minorities and implied inappropriate behaviors toward minors.

While I do not condone racism and hatred to minorities, this story is about the era and what was a true representation at the time.

The story was originally sitting on my hard drive for years, which I finished in 2021 but… after moving into the “lesfic” world and to the horror community, I decided that it needed a face lift. In September of last year, I began that new version which (of course) took me in a very different direction and found myself creating this secondary storyline within the original story. I also had to make my main characters women… This changed everything.

Now this “finished” book is getting a major overhaul. This is what I am working on, as well as my musical nightmare, BABY.

I hope you enjoy this new work in progress, and don’t let the trigger warnings scare you away, unless you really need them.