Blog · January 20, 2024 0

No one puts Baby in a corner…

The original concept of “Baby” was a life story kind of novel, inspired by Joan Jett. It was supposed to be a memoir romance. I got about 30K of boring nonsense down before I called it quits. It was originally titled, “The Runaway”. Get it? Joan Jett was part of the band, The Runaways.

Well, it was boring and on the back burner. The awesome cover artist, Ruth Anna Evans posted this cover as a pre-made and I snatched it up with the hopes of revitalizing The Runaway. I could change the name to BABY, right?

With the exploring of horror, I decided that I wanted to go dark with the revamp of this story and came up with the main character being penned, Baby. But who is actually the main character. When my wife came up with the idea that the guitar’s name is Baby… Well, that changed the entire plot.

Yes. Baby is the guitar… and she has a KILLER riff and a body to die for. Curves in all the right places.

It is graphic and Sapphic. Erotically violent. Kinky… and well, Baby might just fuck you up if you put her in the corner.