Blog · April 7, 2024 0

Project Updates

It’s been a while since I blogged and gave an update on some projects… in a non-formal setting like a newsletter, where it’s short and sweet.

The Peacock Song (girl/Mistress #4) is being worked on by an editor, who graciously wanted to read the next installment so she is going to do the edits for me. I am so happy to have someone who liked the series well enough to edit for me. I can’t thank her enough for the doing this. I hope to have the book releasing this summer. Since I had to pull the pre-orders for it, I am on a “No PreSale” ban with Amazon. Once the book is ready, it will go up without any notice.

As I have mentioned, Mastering The Art of Female Cookery is being released by Undertaker Books. The book is in the process of being edited now. I’m so excited to see this book come to life. It is possible that I will release it in hardcover as well as paperback. The release date is scheduled for May 31st.

On my WIP (works in progress), I’ve been focusing on Deep Roots Down South. When I was on Substack, I was posting each chapter as I went. There hasn’t been much progress on it since I’ve moved away from Substack and back to the website. My goal is to have this completed and possibly scheduled for release in October. This is a realistic goal, if I can focus.

The hazards of having so many projects is that my writing time has diminished tremendously, therefore I am struggling to finish anything. Another hazard to my life is that I am a libra, which means I tend to go back and forth a lot, so I can’t decide which project has my attention.

When I was also publishing on Substack, the WIP Baby was getting some serious chapters in. This has been put on hold until two other projects are finished first. I need to finish Deep Roots Down South and Choking On The Truth first. What is Choking On The Truth you ask? That is girl/Mistress #5, which will wrap up the series. But that doesn’t mean g/M is finished. A stand-alone novel(lla) will be released, probably in 2025, which will be Trixi’s memoir.

Two books for sure need to be finished before I can focus on Baby, though everyone and their dog wants me to write the Sapphic retelling of The Goose Girl, which is a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. There are so many books and so little time.

Well… I have someone waiting on new chapters of Deep Roots Down South so I need to get back at it. Thanks for hanging around.