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The History of “Funeral of a Good Girl”

And so there series begins…. In 2022, I officially decided that I would tackle the daunting task of dissecting a 200K word novel and breaking into a series. The first part of that original novel, girl/Mistress was Trixi and Megan’s back story. I didn’t want to start the series there. I needed to go back even further in order for everyone to understand where our secondary main character, Trixi, came from.

In the original, Trixi wasn’t a main character but she was essential enough to play a bigger part in this series, so much that she is the star of the first three books. This first book does not exist in the original version, but I loved how it turned out.

With Funeral of a Good Girl, Trixi is a trouble rich-kid with too much money and too much time on her hands. She meets an older woman, who introduces her to BDSM and a polyamorous lifestyle. All well and good, but being spoiled and in need of excess, she takes all of it to the extremes in a not so healthy way. Again, I don’t let my characters exist if they are not morally gray in some way or another. The sex scenes are BDSM spicy and the emotions are dark and raw, especially when I dove into Trixi’s past.

If you look at a lot of my books, there is a common theme or element. There is usually some sort of trauma, which may be from assault or from abuse. With Funeral of a Good Girl, there is both: suggested in Trixi’s past, a scene where Trixi is reprimanded for no real reason, and a non-consensual altercation with a character from the book, Cause & Effect. These are are realistic looks into the emotional growth of Trixi’s characters and are not place for a gratuitous sake.

I don’t like my characters to have an easy life. I like to abuse them, torture them with drama and emotions that make a reader cry. You might hate Trixi by the time the third book rolls around, but you understand her and empathize with her.

Creating this book really did help me find the voice needed for the rest of the series, and I don’t think that starting with book two would have been as effective and you’d think Trixi was just a bitch. You truly need this book.

Also, this is the start of the titles of the book being named after Bif Naked songs, and the chapters are songs from a band or singer. With Funeral of a Good Girl, the chapters are song titles from the band Garbage.

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