History of Works · May 7, 2024 0

The History of “The Queen and I”

My first attempt at writing fantasy, which blended with reality. The Queen And I is a short story written back in the 2008 or 2009 that was a fan fiction for the Walt Disney movie Enchanted.

I never meant for this story to ever hit publication when I wrote it. In 2022 when I was on vacation and I had finished editing one book, I needed something to do. That’s when I looked in my hard drive and decided to bring this back to life for a reader magnet.

If you think back to the movie Enchanted, it is about Prince Edward finding true love and wants to wed Giselle while Queen Narissa plots to keep her throne. This is my story, but instead of the plot being about Edward and Giselle, it is about the Queen and what goes on behind the scenes as Prince Edward runs off to New York.

My story jumps between fantasy world and real word where my Queen Nataleigh plots to stop the marriage with the help of her faithful handmaid, who is tends to have a second job of pleasing the Queen with her other needs. There is a spicy dragon-shifting sex scene, which inspired me to want to write more of that.

Do I like the book? Honestly, yes. It’s corny but I don’t mind because I wasn’t planning on selling it. It is a giveaway for those who want to be on my newsletter. If you’d like to give it a free read, you can download it below.